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Mnemosyne stats

Since this blog thing is kind of functional, let’s see how much fat I’ve been able to avoid. Lines of non comments/blanks/continued-docstrings:

Code: 204 modules + 21 command = 225
Blog: 6 conf + 60 layout + 142 style = 208

433. Eh. I can do better. It’s still ugly. Hopefully getting it clean enough to not be embarrasing can involve removing some more code, and not adding too much. DRY. That’s the principle here.

There are more examples to add, of course. A good procmail recipe definitely. And my blog is slightly more complex than the example.

Update at the end of the next day-ish: 445. Lots of ugliness replaced. Wrote 120 more lines of README. Not bad.

Now you know

Random fact heard on NPR: An average person injures themselves 4000 times in their lifetime.

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